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Comprehensive support for Tally customers

Our support services aim to help you realise the immense power of Tally for your business growth. The ever-changing Business Environment makes it imperative for you to have necessary assistance and support on the usage of the software from time to time. You will enjoy friendly, personalized service from our Product Specialists and their thorough understanding of Tally and the business knowledge.


We will provide on-site support/troubleshooting whenever you face any issues in Tally. We can study your business requirements and train your staff accordingly in real-time business environment. You can sign-up with Annual Maintenance Contract with us for smooth functioning of your business.

On-site Training/Support

Our expert consultant will visit your office and assess and conduct training on Tally.ERP9 for teams and individuals. Besides, training we will also help in setting-up, configuring and mapping the functions.

Remote Support

We provide quick and almost instant support for the software remotely either thru Telephone or Teamviewers. The services including training, troubleshooting, diagnosing technical issues, upgrating software and check software performance.

Initial Set-up

For quick deployment of Tally software, we can assist you after assessing your needs to set-up,configure and create the chart of accounts, vouchers and reports. You can start using the software from the day one, without any delay.

Data Entry

Some Companies,due to shortage of staff, may seek your assistance for regular data entry on monthly/weekly basis. We have experienced staff database, who can handle varied nature of business. Data entry can be done on-site and off-site as well.

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